Breath in, breath out,

Get angry, psych out.



Repeat the procedure.


Breath in, breath out,

Get drunk, freak out.



Repeat the procedure.


Breath in, breath out,

Wonder what it’s all about.



Repeat the procedure.


Breath in, breath out

Give up, pass out.



The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.



Cancel procedure.

I got bad blood

Posted: August 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

I got some bad omen,

I got some bad manners,

I got some bad taste in women,

I got some good taste in siners.


I got a bad reputation,

I got bad blood,

It reaks of depravation,

It runs as thick as mud.


I got a bad fuckin temper,

I got a messiah complex,

I got a need for pain,

I got a bad addiction to sex.


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Percorro as ruas enquanto pensamentos, memorias, e imagens percorrem a minha cabeça..

O corpo, cansado, dorido, satisfeito, deambula ao ritmo da brisa quente que me acaricia e aquece a face..

Hoje sinto-me mais ”eu”..

Tive saudades minhas..

Agora em casa, sob um tecto cada vez mais desconhecido e ingrato para mim, tento criar ordem no caos da minha cabeça..

Enquanto fumo um cigarro apercebo-me que os meus esforços são infrutiferos e que nada de conclusivo advira deles..

Peço menos para já..

Hoje tenho a ”casa” para arrumar..


Nespresso and Cigarretes

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Nespresso and Cigarretes

No troubles no regrets,

Don’t care how bad it gets

‘Cuz there will always be,

Nespresso and Cigarretes


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trapped in this web of my own making,
vigourously, vainly i struggle,
under the eyes of my predator,
i lie waitin for the taking,
the painfull solution for my trouble,
like the raven crying `nevermore`

this alluring web, like the nothingness of death,
from whom i can t nor want to escape,
as the familiar stench of pain and sorrow,
and it is so easily that i forget my path,
that takes me apart of any other ape,
and give up on tomorrow.

thus, i scribble my last thoughts, surrendering,
wanting nothing more than that sweet memory,
wich i take to my webbed grave,
i will miss all the suffering,
all that self-inflicted agony,
to whom i became willingly slave.

but still i wonder,
what if..

Devil inside,
I got a devil inside, a devil with demons of his own,
Can no longer hide, can’t believe how much he’s grown,
His despicable laugh, as become music to my ears,
His strenght gave me weakness, i became my own fears,
He dried all my tears, made run blood instead,
He made himself a home inside my tormented head,
At night he puts me to sleep with words of trouble and despair,
I wake up every morning and he’s still there,
I once saw his reflection, and i stared with awe,
Because in the mirror, it was my reflection i saw.

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